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 hotmamablack said: Oh well. Thank you anyway, Touya. By the way, did you open the package from Grandma?


Ah-… Grandma sent something? No, I didn’t see it. Where is it?

She sent it just yesterday. It’s the big box on the kitchen counter. It’s actually kind of heavy. 

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Geez… You had a guy like that stay in your house?

[ Kyouhei frowns sadly as he listens to Nadine’s description of Jon’s other Pokemon. ] That sounds pretty bad… He just abandoned them? I m-mean… I heard a lot about people… r-releasing their Pokemon, ‘cause of Team P-Plasma and all that, but… Just abandoning them? Guess I shouldn’t judge someone I d-don’t know, but that’s not cool.

[ He sympathetically strokes Mimi’s head and gives her a hopeful smile. ] D-definitely! I’ll do my best to help her!

Oh, yes and it was absolutely dreadful! He slept on my couch and soiled it with his filth. I had to buy a new couch and a new TV because he broke the one in my living room.

[She shakes her head in affirmation] He was much too fond of his cuter Pokemon to care for the lesser cute ones. [She glanced over at Mimi for a second before looking away.] Honestly, the nerve of him…

But I do hope you have fun with this little Joltik. I’m sure she’ll be a great addition to your team.

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S-seriously? Oh, man, I—

Th-thank you very much, Miss Nadine! I’ll take good care of him!

[ He carefully takes the newspaper from Nadine and takes out his Pokedex, holding it up to check the Joltik’s information. ] Er— I mean, I’ll take good care of her! [ OT: Jon… Huh. The name sounds a little familiar… ]

Uh… Wh-who was her first trainer, i-if you don’t mind me asking? The, uh, “unwanted house guest”.

Oh. [She frowns.] Just some unkempt slob who liked to lay around and eat potato chips all day. A real bum.

I felt sorry for his Pokemon. They were so untrained that many of them often did as they pleased and some even ran away from him because he would often neglect. I heard rumors that he once left two of his Pokemon free because he didn’t want them. Poor things.

[She perks up and smiles, hoping to change the subject.] Anyhow, this Joltik seems to have a lot of potential. I’m sure it will grow strong with your guidance. 

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Not only is Jon a lazy slob, but he is also disrespectful to Champions of other regions?

My, I do wonder how my sweet Touya ever found a friendship with him…

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He was on medication? Hm, it might be related. Perhaps he’s having issues with his…training or something. Maybe even friendship problems, or dare I say it, romance. Just keep an eye on him I suppose. He doesn’t seem like the type to become involved in anything dangerous. He certainly isn’t showing any real signs of criminal trouble as of late. You should be grateful for that much at least.

That’s quite alright. [Looker cracked a smile at her, taking a seat at their kitchen table.] It’s hardly burdening me. He’s a good kid and you’re worried about him. No-one can blame you for that.

Romance? He and Cheren have been getting along perfectly. I don’t think that’s it. 

Nevertheless, I should try to get him to talk to me every once in a while. You’re absolutely right. He is safe at home and that’s what matters.

[Nadine strolled over to the kitchen, grabbing two clean coffee mugs from the drying mat near the sink. Giving them a good extra polish, she set them down on the counter and grabbed the hot pot of coffee from the coffeemaker. Fill both cups, she was more generous with his portion, leaving less for herself.] 

How do you like your coffee, Mr. Looker?

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It’s a shame your son had to leave you alone like that for so long, then again I suppose that’s just how it goes. [Looker tucked the notepad back into his pocket

Oh? Well, boys will be boys. Those computer games seem to be consuming time for most lads his age these days. Has he been eating poorly? Suffering from any sort of stress? My, my, I sound like a doctor…

Now, how about some of that coffee?

Oh, I make sure he eats properly, but sometimes he doesn’t really feel like eating. Poor thing! I had him sent to a psychiatrist and put him on some medication and that worked for a short time. I guess he’s stopped taking them since… [She frowns slightly.]

Every time I ask him what’s wrong, he doesn’t really answer me. He spends just about every single day and night upstairs, but sometimes his friends like to come over and keep him company. I’m thankful for that, at least.

[She perks up again, and smiles at the detective.] Oh, I’m so sorry for burdening you with my troubles. I’ll make a fresh pot of coffee right away!

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[Looker pulls out a notepad from his pocket and notes down the details. The writing scribbles about rather messily on the paper, the chances of anyone besides himself reading it and understanding it, proving very slim.]

I see…well, once again you have proved to be exceptionally helpful. Ah, don’t tempt me with such things! You know how it is, I’ll sit down for 10 minutes and end up staying for hours. I’m far too talkative sometimes…

Oh, I don’t mind that at all. When Touya was out on his journey, I rarely had visitors at the house, so it was nice to have you stop by before he came back home. 

Nowadays, he just keeps himself locked up in his room. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen him come downstairs for at least a week. I sure hope he isn’t getting back into those video games…

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I think I might have spotted a- uhm… a burglar around Nuvema Town!

Oh, really? Could you give me any more details please, madam? Age? Gender? Appearance? By the way… it’s a pleasure to see you again. It’s just a shame that it must be under such… irritating circumstances.

Ah, uhm… Let me think…

[She tries to think of anyone suspicious she had seen recently, but given that Nuvema Town is a fairly peaceful town, there really hasn’t been much going on.]

Well… He was about medium height… He looked like he had eaten a little too much fast food and junk… Oh, and he had a large group of Pokemon. Lots of Joltiks. And some ugly sideburns.

It’s a pleasure to see you as well, sir. I know nothing much ever happens in this town, but you’re always welcome to stop by for some coffee if you’re ever around the area.

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“I was told there are a lot of criminals in this area… I should keep a low profile until I know more…”

I think I might have spotted a- uhm… a burglar around Nuvema Town!

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